A Douchebag In Kansas Engages in Douchebaggery

I feel the same way about thinking he's kinda cute as I do about thinking A'jad isKris Kobach is the head of the Kansas GOP, a former Ashcroft acolyte at the federal DOJ and a failed candidate for a Kansas Congressional seat. He's also launched crusades against giving in-state tuition to the children of illegal immigrants who completed high school in various states and advocated for Hazleton, Pennsylvania's draconian anti-immigrant ordinances. If we call him a Grandmaster Douchebag, is it news? How about if we said that, as head of the Kansas GOP, he sent an email to supporters bragging about their successful use of semi-illegal tactics to eliminate Democratic voters from the rolls? Would anyone be surprised at that? Yeah, we didn't really think so but we wanted to make sure. You know, there are some really nice people in Kansas, but I guess they, too, don't want to run for office. [People for the American Way, Crooks and Liars]


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