A Festivus Miracle: No Fannie/Freddie Foreclosures! (Until January 9)


Ain't no depression in HeavenSo, uh, the economy doesn't seem to be doing much, uh, better. The S&P 500 is back down to 1997 levels. 1997! Everybody's losing their jobs, if they still have jobs. Some are suggesting it will not even be a Merry Christmas, and that the real (Muslim) Jesus is sort of getting a kick out of all this. But do not worry, because some of you will evade foreclosure until January 9. Christmas is back!

Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, the stupidly named mortgage giants that were started by the government and released into the wild until they both fucked up everything so badly that the government had to bail 'em both out and take over, again, announced today that those of you people teetering on the edge of foreclosure and with a Fannie or Freddie mortgage get a little time out until January 9.

It is going to be cold on January 9, that night, sleeping in your car. But still, Christmas!


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