A Final Word on Frances Townsend

frances fragos townsend.jpgWe've been blogging about the White House homeland security adviser, Frances Fragos Townsend, quite a bit lately. Readers have offered impassioned arguments for and against her physical attractiveness -- just the kind of robust debate about important issues that we are here to foster. (The latest reader rave about Townsend: "Fran a man? If so, then I am coming out! Lipless? Who are these evil doers? Fran has lips sweet enough to kiss. To nibble...to love.")

But we realize that some of you may be getting Fran Townsend fatigue. So after this post, we'll move on to other subjects. We just wanted to share two tidbits with you before doing so -- after the jump, for those of you who share our interest in this homeland security hottie.

First, it sounds like Townsend has had a bit of a makeover. Consider this reader tip:

Run a Google image search for Frances Fragos Townsend -- check out the pictures shown for the White House through Google's site and look at what is linked on the White House website. She has clearly sat for a new official portrait since becoming a little more high profile.

When she first took Tom Ridge's job in the White House after he went to DHS she was beat -- now, you're asking "hot or not."

Clearly hot (in that weird preppy patrician way).

fran townsend blond.jpgfrances townsend brunette.jpgVery interesting! If you compare the Google photos and the White House photos (at right), you can see that Townsend has a new hairstyle -- she ditched the bangs and darkened the color. Wise moves, Franny! The current look, aptly described by one correspondent as "WASPy ice queen," is a big improvement over the earlier one.

Second, a reader writes in with this scuttlebutt:

Townsend is bright, aggressive, pretty, and a real piece of work. A first-class climber... really knows how to work what she's got. You guessed it -- she's got some major skeletons in the closet. At DOJ and the Bureau during the Clinton years, where she made a lot of enemies and engendered a lot of jealousy, it's widely known that she [material omitted]. She was passed over for several big Senate confirmed jobs after the election; some people think these skeletons are why.

The redacted material is juicy. If more of you can fill in and confirm some of the details of the supposed indiscretions, perhaps we will share them. But until then, they're a bit too salacious and unsubstantiated to see the light of day...

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