A Fond Farewell

  • Calling Hillary a monster isn't even really that bad a thing to do. It's not like Samantha Power said something crazy damaging, like Obama wouldn't follow through one of the major promises of his presidential campaign. Oh, wait. [Ben Smith]
  • Clinton, boss of everything and everyone, thinks Barry did the right thing on the Monster issue. Now, he can hand her ass back to her in Mississippi and the whole thing should be settled. [Real Clear Politics]
  • Unquestionably, a strong leader is one who flies totally off the fucking handle when asked a question he or she does not like. [Comments from Left Field]
  • Thank God we didn't have to wait long for a successor to emerge to fill the void left by the end of Ron Paul's presidential bid. [Outside the Beltway]
  • Did you know that Puerto Rico has like 30,000 delegates? Tell us quick: what other foreign countries get a stupid amount of weight in this ridiculous process? [Bang the Drum]
  • John McCain is commander in chief of the Republicans Party. And by that we mean the office building and the computers and the copiers and staplers and things because the actual people in the Party can't stand him. [First Read]
  • The job market: It sucks! [Angry Bear]
  • And because he has such an astute sense of timing, your beloved Intern Greg today joins the ranks of the unemployed. He may or may not also refinance his mortgage, but he's not sure if that's really a bad enough idea quite yet. See y'round! [Cynics' Party, gregwasserstrom.com]

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