A Further Update on Alphonso Jackson: Meet Dustee Tucker, HUD Hottie

HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson's defense of his April 28 remarks, in which he implied that a government contractor was denied a job after voicing opposition to the Bush administration, has been a communications disaster. Some of you may be wondering: Who's in charge of the Secretary's p.r. effort?

Someone who is now on "scheduled leave," that's who. Think Progress has the full details here, a post cataloging HUD's inconsistent explanations over the past few days.

Our favorite detail: the HUD spokeswoman in question is named "Dustee Tucker." We haven't encountered a name this sexy since Stormie Janzen. And Dustee, just like Stormie, is quite attractive. Check out the drooling comments to this post, or just take a look at this picture:


We don't make these names up, people. Sometimes truth is stranger -- and better -- than fiction.

After the jump, more Dustee Tucker photos -- including one in which she bears a striking resemblance to Tiffani Thiessen, of "Beverly Hills, 90210" fame.

Update: ThinkProgress now reports that (1) Secretary Jackson "deeply regrets" his "anecdotal remarks"; and (2) HUD Inspector General Kenneth Donohue will be investigating Secretary Jackson's conduct.

dustee%20tucker%202.jpgSenator Hutchison is presented with a football helmet from the University of North Texas whose football team was the Sun Belt Conference Champions for 2003. Pictured is: (l to r) Angie King of Denton, Paula King from the President's Office at the University of North Texas, Senator Hutchison, and Dustee Tucker, a member of Senator Hutchison's staff and a UNT graduate. (2/13/03)


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