Finally! A Gas Station For Me, A Woman! Thanks Shell! #GIRLBOSS

I don't drive.

It's not because of how I am a woman and everyone knows we are bad at driving, but rather because I live in a city with very good public transportation and owning a car would be a big pain in the ass. But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a little when giant evil corporations take a break from murdering the environment to do a little International Women's Day pandering!

And that's just what Shell is doing this year. Sort of! As part of the company's International Women's Day festivities, a female-owned gas station in San Dimas, California will be putting an apostrophe on it's logo so that it reads "She'll" instead of "Shell."


I'm sorry, I had to. Giphy

Via CBS 2 Los Angeles:

The "She Will" initiative is aimed at "inspiring the female leaders of tomorrow by closing the gender gap in engineering and technology through education, engagement, and awareness across the organization and industry," a spokesperson for the company said.

Patty Lanning, a female employee at Shell, said, "The kind of future I hope for all girls is that we get to a point in time where we aren't even having the conversation about gender equality in the workplace because we are already living in an environment where it is 50/50."

Shell plans to roll out of the new logos on Sunday, March 8 across their social channels.

I mean, I know I've always thought to myself "If only it were womenrefusing to take any responsibility for human rights abuses in Nigeria and causing giant oil spills in California! That is definitely the whole entire problem with that company!"

In addition to the change logos, Shell is also running a very woke advertisement/PSA featuring a bunch of smiling women with phrases like "She will inspire the future" and "She will be recognized" and "She will keep attempting to do offshore drilling in the arctic." (OK, maybe not that one)

Wow, I feel so seen as a woman and inspired to go out into the world, exacerbate climate change and then #roséallday! I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and support the execution of a Nigerian journalist/environmental activist getting in the way of all the drilling we are doing in his homeland.

To their credit, the background music of the ad is not a Maroon 5 song.

This is surely just the start of Shell's foray into participating in holidays like this, and it is rumored (by me) that on April 30th, National Honesty Day, they will be changing their slogan to "Fuck You."

[CBS 2 Los Angeles]

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