A Lot Can Change In A Year

  • Yesterday's vote in Massachusetts was not about President Obama's well-known terribleness, but rather about the awesomeness of Naked Scott Brown. [CBS News]
  • A man suspected of killing eight people in central Virginia turned himself in this morning, a novel twist on the usual "and then he killed himself" formula popularized by other shooters of note. [Washington Post]
  • A strong aftershock hit Haiti, but it appears to have been more scary than truly ruinous. [CNN]
  • President Obama wants $1.35 billion more in school grants. Uhh hasn't heard that we have a deficit and people are very concerned about his profligate spending on frivolities such as schools? [Boston Globe]
  • Sadly, the headline "Amy Winehouse admits pantomime assault" does not appear to mean that Amy Winehouse assaulted a mime. [BBC News]
  • Holy crap good news about Haiti, if you ignore the aftershock report! A two-week-old baby was dug out of the rubble, alive, and is resting up in a "makeshift hospital." [Wall Street Journal]

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