Kris Kobach is the grift that keeps on giving. We have not lived a good enough life for this toxic dumpsterfire to take another run at statewide office in Kansas. Democrat Laura Kelly spanked Kobach in the 2018 governor's race, despite Republicans having a two-to-one voter registration advantage. Since then, Republicans told the White House in no uncertain terms not to nominate that unconfirmable jackass for Homeland Security chief. Given a choice between Kobach and Roy Moore, most voters would choose ... Hillary Clinton. This guy cannot possibly run again. AND YET, Republicans are shitting a brick at the prospect that their own voters might choose him as the Republican candidate to replace retiring Senator Pat Roberts.

The Kansas City Star reports:

[National Republican Senatorial Committee] officials have told Kansas Republicans privately that if Kobach enters the race, the committee would get involved to make sure he doesn't make it past the primary, multiple sources told The Star.

The Senate Leadership Fund, a super political action committee run by allies of Mitch McConnell, also will not rule out an effort to keep Kobach from winning the GOP nomination.

"We haven't made any decisions about engaging in Kansas, but given the party's loss in the gubernatorial race last year, it is vitally important that we put our best foot forward in the Senate race," said Jack Pandol, spokesman for the fund, in a statement.

Oh, really? What was the final straw for these guys? Was it the fake vote fraud commission that parked millions of people's data on an unprotected website and then sent the passwords via un-encrypted email which was subject to FOIA? Was it his side hustle as a traveling salesman hawking the anti-immigrant legislation protection pack, costing towns millions of dollars when courts overturned Kobach's junk legislation and forced them to pay the ACLU's legal fees? Was it his disastrous legal defense of Kansas's voter ID laws, which netted him both a contempt citation and mandatory continuing legal education, not to mention forcing Kansas to fork over to the ACLU? Was it his other side hustle as a Breitbart columnist, where he flogs conspiracy theories and blatantly illegal plans to take unused FEMA trailers and set up a concentration camp to intern asylum seekers? Was it his involvement in a GoGriftMe to crowdfund Trump's Fuck You Mexico Wall, that has taken in upwards of $20 million and done absolutely nothing with the cash?

JK, LOL! The GOP doesn't give a shit about the grifting. Tell all the lies about brown people you like -- Mitch McConnell doesn't care! They're just mad that he lost.

His 2018 loss in the race for governor was the final straw.

But Kris Kobach will not be cowed by the swamp monsters, even those in his own party.

Kobach's former campaign manager, State Rep. J.R. Claeys, denounced the national Republican opposition to Kobach.

"The swamp in D.C. is wide and deep," said Claeys, who said he was authorized to speak for Kobach. "It wouldn't be the first time the D.C. establishment came after a true conservative here in Kansas. Kris stands with President Trump — he's tough on illegal immigration — and these sorts of attacks show the establishment is soft on that issue."

That's the spirit, buddy! Don't let the bastards get you down. Kansas voters are just clamoring for a principled conservative to lead them to victory in the Senate. Lace up those wingtips and gel up those bangs, 'cause it's time to RUN, KRISSY, RUN!

[Kansas City Star]

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