A New Year's Resolution: Stop Clicking On Clickbait! Tabs, Fri., Dec. 30, 2022

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What should we be looking for in Trump's taxes, set to be released today? Thanks to Norm Eisen's invaluable twitter thread, we can read this Brookings Institute report on what many and varied crimes might be lurking therein; David Cay Johnston on his brazen decadeslong frauds (that link is a FOUNT of knowledge, A FOUNT I SAY); and CNN on his "charitable donations" because as we all know, charity is close to Trump's heart.


This 87-page oppo research memo by the DCCC on George Santos found literally none of it, except the evictions and the fake animal rescue. They didn't even check the diplomas. Eighty-seven pages! Of "he liked Betsy DeVos and Trump"! (DCCC)

Democrats: They got JOEMENTUM! (No, but really, they got Joementum, having taken back five GOP statehouses.) (Axios)

A nice summary of Joe Biden's diverse judges: three-fourths women, more Black women than all previous presidents combined, and especially the ideological diversity of actual public defenders. — US News

Chris Geidner is appalled by New York Gov. Kathy Hochul's judicial nominee who would lock in a conservative majority on New York's high court. Luckily, looks like the Lege is going to shitcan it. (Lawdork)

Y'all saw the Waffle House fight, right? (I didn't bring it to you because I'm trying not to twitter.) Well Lynda Carter has weighed in. — Uproxx

A fun, jazzy listicle on the narcissists who got high on their own supply, including a few lefties who for sure deserve it. Stop reading when you get to RBG, unless you're one of the people always bitching about that, then by all means have at it but leave it out of the comments, everyone else finds the argument tiresome. — Moe Tkacik at Insider

Like this fraud, supposed generous lefty Dan Price, GRRR. (Bloomberg)

And Black Lives Matter women, this did not look awesome. — New York mag

From the comments, this is an absolutely delightful read on the comeback of ... Barnes & Noble? And all the company needed was a CEO who loves books! (Ted Gioia substack)

It's certainly a very nice treehouse, should I spend a quarter of my FOUR MILLION DOLLAR net worth on it? — Insider

Here is this Uproxx guy's top 13 movies of the year, of which I have seen Vengeance and I'm not sure if I fell asleep in the middle of it or not (I get high at night and watch movies and usually don't remember even having seen them). So that's 12 more movies I could see, about nine of which look pretty good!

Also, relevant, I already had this "nepo babies" tab open, but I'm probably just gonna close it, I don't really care. (New York mag)

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