A Nightly Paultard Bombing Round

a little bombing here, a little thereThese Paultards will never learn that we are warring with them and they should not send e-mails! After the jump, a classic Paultard comment we received today. (Redstate is posting it too. As well as some other shit about like, Barry Goldwater, we assume).


Paultards, I like that.

Business as usual:

Total public debt in this country at $9 Trillion, nice present to pass on to our children and grandchildren. It is kind of like being told when you turn 18, that you owe $40,000, because you parents took an around the world vacation, but what the hell, as long as the band plays on, right?

Annual Interest payments of $400 Billion, every year (and climbing), that is 2x the annual cost of the war in Iraq.

An economy that is dependent on the US dollar continuing to be the international safe haven for wealth. Have you looked at the relationship between the US $ and the EURO lately? As the EURO continues to become more popular, who are we going to borrow that $9 Trillion from? I suspect that Mainland China will continue to lend us more and more, I guess the question is, and what will they want in return? Say what you will about the Chinese, but long-term planning in China is measured in 100s of years, not until the next election. What the hell, we will all be dead in 100 years, will let our grandchildren and great-grandchild worry about, right?

Retarded? Yea, I am retarded, for thinking that any of this will matter to anyone who likes Politics as usual. I just can't seem to help myself. By the way, if you don't mind, could you pass this on to RedState, as I said I was banned from the site, and since I told them that their website was the best example of a functioning Circle Jerk I had ever seen, I figure they are blocking my e-mail as well.

Thanks for listening, or reading, or whatever.


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