A Note to Weekend Copy Editors: Watch the Double Entendres, Guys

It may be the weekend -- but we're still hard at work, combing the papers for headlines that lend themselves to immature jokes. Here's one from the London Times:

george bush pervez musharraf 2.JPGUm, isn't that against his religion or something?

("Penetration," like "probe," is one of those commonly used headline words that should be retired.)

And here's a headline from our side of the pond, for an article about Sen. Rick Santorum:

rick santorum's seat is ripe.JPGWho knew the Democrats were into rimming? (Actually, that explains a lot...)

Considering the secondary meaning for "Santorum," the Times crew should have thought twice before characterizing his "seat" as "ripe." Or maybe it was intentional -- a sly effort by the left-leaning Times to mock a Republican senator?

Consider the evidence. In addition to the suggestive headline, the article's third paragraph smirkingly notes Santorum's enthusiasm for "a come-from-behind fight" against Bob Casey.

Can someone please email Byron Calame about this?

You Must Penetrate Al-Qaeada, Bush Tells Musharraf [London Times]

To Democrats Hungry for Senate, a Pennsylvania Seat Looks Ripe [NYT]


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