A Real Journalist Nailed Erik Prince For Being A LIARF*CKINGLIAR, And It Was DELICIOUS

Of all the things we know about Betsy DeVos's little brother Erik Prince, the Blackwater sadist creep motherfucker who's all tied up in the Trump-Russia scandals, it's that he is a smug liar who will lie to your face and he knows he's lying and he knows you know he's lying and he doesn't care, because he thinks he's above you. It's not you personally, it's just that he's pretty sure he's above all of it, including American law.

But BOY OH BOY is it nice to see him get nailed for it in front of a live studio audience.

On Friday, as we left work, a video started going viral of Prince being interviewed by Al Jazeera English journalist Mehdi Hasan, who called him on it, and who should therefore immediately be awarded Chuck Todd's job and all the other Sunday hosts' jobs, because he CALLED HIM ON IT.

The main thing you need to know about this interview is that Erik Prince lied to Congress. We knew he lied to Congress, because we read every word of his testimony to the House Intelligence Committee, and we saw all the lies with our own eyes. He lied to Congress about the weird meeting in Seychelles a week before the Trump inauguration, where he met with a Kremlin-linked Russian money man named Kirill Dmitriev, and now here is Mehdi Hasan calling Prince on lying to Congress about the August 3, 2016, Trump Tower meetinghe organized, attended by Donald Trump Jr.; the lobbyist George Nader, who has worked as a representative for both Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) of Saudi Arabia and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan (MBZ) of Abu Dhabi, and who has been cooperating with the Mueller investigation for a long ass time; and Joel Zamel, the Australian-Israeli guy who used to run a private intel firm called Psy-Group, which reportedly offered Junior a social media plan to ratfuck the election for Trump.

Now watch the video, in all its glory.

HASAN: How come you didn't mention that meeting to Congress, given it's so relevant to their investigation?

PRINCE:Uh, I did, as part of the investigations, I certainly disclosed any meetings, the very few I had ...


HASAN: Not in the congressional testimony you gave to the House, we went through it, you didn't mention anything about August 2016 meeting in Trump Tower. They specifically asked you [...] and you didn't answer that.

PRINCE: Uh, I don't believe I was asked that question.

HASAN: You were asked, were there any ... communications with the campaign, you said apart from writing papers, putting up yard signs, no. That's what you said. I've got the transcript to the conversation here.

At that point, the audience is giggling, because CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE THIS GUY?

HASAN: Trump Tower, August 3, 2016.

PRINCE: Possible.

HASAN: You, an Israeli dude, a back channel to the Emiratis and the Saudis, Don Jr., Stephen Miller.

PRINCE: We were there to talk about Iran policy.

Oh blessed be, suddenly he remembers! (Also we call bullshit, because fuck you.)

HASAN: Don't you think that's something important to disclose to the House Intelligence Committee, while you were under oath?

PRINCE: I did!

HASAN: YOU DIDN'T. We just went through the testimony, there's no mention of the Trump Tower meeting, August 2016. Why not?

PRINCE: I don't know if they got the transcript wrong.

Uh huh, you little Aryan prickbaby, that's right, there's a problem with the congressional transcript, because you know how sloppy Congress is with things like that. CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE THIS GUY?

Hasan's point in asking was that special counsel Robert Mueller has not been shy about indicting people for thinking they can come in front of Congress -- even Devin Nunes's justice-obstructing House Intelligence Committee -- and just lie to them like it doesn't matter. And now Mueller has all the transcripts.

New House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff appeared on "Meet The Press" Sunday and confirmed that AYUP, Erik Prince is absolutely full of shit, as the Hasan interview shows. Because he is nicer than we are, he didn't take the opportunity to say "Hey Chuck Todd! Does it make you feel bad about yourself to play clips of Mehdi Hasan being a real journalist, right here on your shitty show?" Schiff also let Todd get away with baselessly claiming that the August 2016 Trump Tower meeting was less significant than the one that happened in June, when all the Russians came promising love offerings of sweet delicious dirt on Hillary Clinton in exchange for sanctions relief. We think Chuck Todd might be wrong about that.

Want more amazing Mehdi Hasan goodness? Here's a clip from the interview where he calls Prince -- who has extreme Christian White Boy Saving The Foreigns From Their Own Bad Selves Syndrome -- on referring to the Iraqi people as barbarians. After that, Prince manages to defend the Blackwater guards convicted of murder in the Nisour Square Massacre of 2007. Surprise, their murder convictions don't count because the trials happened in DC -- you know, where the blacks and the liberals are.

Can you imagine if our American news TV shows were like this? They might actually be worth watching! If you want more Mehdi Hasan, he went on MSNBC this weekend to talk about Erik Prince's shitmouth. Click here for it! And watch the whole interview here!

Blackwater's Erik Prince: Iraq, privatising wars, and Trump | Head to Headwww.youtube.com

Anyway, we are ready for Erik Prince to go to prison now, in summary and in conclusion, the end.

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