brian%20doyle%203%20brian%20j%20doyle%20dhs%20homeland%20security%20brian%20doyle%20brian%20j%20doyle.jpgAs you might have expected, we are all over the story of Brian J. Doyle, the DHS official who was arrested last night on charges of using the internet to seduce a 14-year-old girl (who turned out to be an undercover agent). Now we'd like some help from you, our readers -- specifically, those of you who know or have worked with Brian Doyle.

If you are personally acquainted with Doyle, here are a few questions that we'd like to learn about (some sent in by curious readers, some from us):

* Was Brian Doyle a political appointee? If so, who was his patron?

* What is he like in person? Does he have a creepy demeanor, or does he seem pretty normal?

* Were you surprised to hear of his arrest on these charges?

* Do you have any info about his personal life? (According to media reports, Doyle is divorced and has children.)

* How would you describe his fashion taste?

* What does he like to eat for lunch (besides panties)?

There are many DHS employees and journalists among you; surely some of you know Doyle personally. If you have any firsthand knowledge to share about Brian Doyle, please email us, with "Brian Doyle" in the subject line.

To get the ball rolling, here are some comments from a source who lives in Doyle's Silver Spring neighborhood (but doesn't know Doyle personally):

that perv doyle lives close to a public park where i take my kids to play. we're rounding up some neighbors -- all good democrats, of course, with children -- and we're buying a case of lysol and a few rolls of paper towels to clean the playground equipment. who knows what these pervs do in the dark.

it reminds me of when the bars in albany suddenly turned creepy when they filled up with the cocky, preening neo-cons of the incoming pataki administration after gov. cuomo was deposed. i knew in my bones then that it would be bad for family values to allow these republican political appointees to buy houses, use phones and connect to the internets. doyle proves it.

If you have any Doyle dirt to dish, please contact us. Thanks in advance for your tidbits!

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