Today, in case you forgot -- we almost did -- is Valentine's Day. In keeping with the holiday, the New York Times offers us this interesting meditation on "the profoundly bizarre activity of kissing." Here's an excerpt:

When parents kiss their children it means one thing, but when they kiss each other it means something entirely different. People will greet a total stranger with a kiss on the cheek, and then use an identical gesture to express their most intimate feelings to a lover. The mob kingpin gives the kiss of death, Catholics give the "kiss of peace," Jews kiss the Torah, nervous flyers kiss the ground, and the enraged sometimes demand that a kiss be applied to their hindquarters. Judas kissed Jesus, Madonna kissed Britney, a gambler kisses the dice for luck. Someone once even kissed a car for 54 hours straight.

al gore tipper gore kiss.jpgHmm, that doesn't sound like much fun now, does it? It got us thinking: What's one step up from kissing a car for 54 hours? Answer: Kissing a prominent political figure!

So here's a request for you, our readers: Have you ever kissed a famous-for-D.C. type -- such as a member of Congress, high-ranking Administration official, well-known pundit, etc.? If so, what was it like? Was he or she a good kisser?

Please email us to kiss and tell, with the word "kiss" or "kissing" in the subject of your message. Be sure to provide as many details as possible, to confirm the authenticity of your account -- unless you're writing in about Bill Clinton, in which case we'll believe whatever old crap you make up.

We don't want fake or satirical responses. After all, we can make those up ourselves: "As the reptilian Bob Novak slid his cold, slimy tongue down my throat, my entire body tensed, in an inexplicable mix of disgust and desire..."

The Kiss of Life [NYT]


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