A Children's Treasury Of Hate Messages Inspired By Obama's 'Ground Zero' Mosque Talk

All weekend long your Wonkette received a steady stream of emails from concerned librul Americans about Cordoba House Hysteria, which is sweepin' the nation likeGeorge the Janitor is sweepin' the floor. This is because Imam Obamar came out in support of the mosque, after learning that it would be LEED-certified and also offer paintball facilities. A patriotic onslaught of tweets, Facebookery, vloggism, and bloggism about the Obamar Nazi-Satan-Allah speech followed. Let's look at some of the results -- they form a beautiful patchwork quilt of American hate-diversity.

Queen Mother of Snowbillia Sarah Palin expressed her bigotry on multiple social networking platforms, going on a Twitter mini-spree:

And also listing a bunch of illegitimate questions on her Facebook page called "Legitimate Questions for the President," questions which stirred the passions of her worshippers and inspired them to post probing insights such as:

They do not have the right to build a mosque that close to an area what they committed murder.

What a disgrace this is, it's a slap in our face! obama is a idiot! Being nice it is Sunday but after mid night my gloves our off!

yeah. I wish they would put Burlington Coat Factory back on the "hallow ground". great coats. great deals. USA USA USA!

One commenter-lady even typed out the whole "Pledge of Allegiance" and posted it. Go look -- it will bring back memories of home room, when people like Sarah Palin used to throw things at you for being not-so-good at sports or smart or being Trig-like (before hanging with Trig-like kids became politically useful).

Up next in our survey is Louisiana Pampers consumer David Vitter, who is facing a primary. That means he has to be tough on both muslins and Melancons in his e-newsletter, which uses this banner:

Here is an impassioned excerpt from his latest e-mail (the subtext is "give me money"):

I will continue to demmand President Obama to reverse his support on this, especially out of respect to those who lost loved ones on September 11. It's ridiculous that my opponent, Charlie Melancon, refuses to join in me in calling on Obama to reverse his support.

It's more "ridiculous" that Vitter's ever won anything in his life, other than maybe a couple bucks on a scratch Lotto ticket. Anyway, do you see that misspelling? Nice, subtle use of Teabagger patois there.

We have next a home video, in which an angry young man who owns a lot of Hot Wheels (?) says he wants someone to, "like, beat the flying fuck out of" the people building the mosque. But not because they're Muslim! Don't get him wrong. They're just so fucking insensitive, that's all:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/89mH8f6rMMw?fs=1&hl=en_US expand=1]

He's like Skoalrebel, but with better diction. Lesson: Not talking with a can-ful of Grizzle Green chew shoved in your mouth makes for better bigot-y YouTubes.

Oh, yes, just where was Bill Clinton on 9/11? Why wasn't he doing his job, as president? And why didn't Hillary kill Osama bin Laden with her ... pantsuits? Lamestream media types never even try to answer these questions:

The only problem with the email is that it doesn't have enough of those vertical lines to indicate how many times it's been passed around.

"Stop Islamization of America" is so worked up about Obama's speech that they've plunked down real cash-money for a press release to go out on PR Newswire. When you spend money like that, then you have conviction. They're going to cohost a rally with the Freedom Defense Initiative (FDI) against the Ground Zero mega-mosque on September 11, and Newt Gingrich is going to be there, so mark your calendars.

The American Family Association took time out of hating gay marriage and Gay Home Depot and gay meerkats to hate on Creeping Sharia, which is now the rule of law in New York state. The switch took place when Governor David Paterson offered the mosque-builders help in trying to find an alternative spot for their paintball-terror palace. The muslins turned down Paterson, because they heard he's a ladies' man and don't have the energy to deal with all that drama. No matter: Buffalo, you just got served (some Sharia)!

WAKE UP AMERICA, this guy also warns. Yeah America, you're sleeping in.

Lastly, Erick Erickson compared the building of mosque to a human sacrifice. And also jihad (but not Santeria or "voodoo economics"):

The Politico reports that the GOP is maybe becoming more anti-Islamic, because they can no longer win elections on the anti gay-marriage issue. Nobody cares about gay marriages now, but we still have to hate something or somebody or else it's just not America.

How did you demonstrate bigotry in your community this weekend? Let us know, down below -- in hell, where Obama lurks! Otherwise known as the comments. [Washington Post/The Daily Beast/Politico/Think Progress]


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