A Season Of Rebirth, Lawsuits, And Violent Protest

  • President Obama performed oral sex on the ear of a man-sized rabbit in celebration of the gay pagan holiday of "Easter." [Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Some Cuban-American (Republican) political groups are very unhappy with this new arrangement where people can send money to, and even visit, their relatives back in Cuba. [AP]
  • Goldman Sachs needed bailout money to weather the last hairy months of 2008, but now they are OK and want to pay it all back by issuing stock. The hope is that they'll be able to get out from under the government thumb and return to their old non-regulated, over-compensated ways that ended them in the shitter in the first place. [New York Times]
  • A Minnesota court said Al Franken won the 2008 Senate election, but that won't stop Norm Coleman from appealing to the Minnesota Supreme Court and delaying the announcement of a real winner for a few more months. [Star-Tribune]
  • The economy is showing "glimmers of hope," and by that we mean "massive job losses for the foreseeable future." [Houston Chronicle]
  • Supporters of Thailand's ousted former prime minister gave up after two days of violent protest against the government. [Voice of America]

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