A Slight Whiff of Puke Drives Us Crazy Too

This morning's Craigslist mailbag offers this gem:

You were the passenger in a light blue coupe this past Saturday from DC to route 1 in Crystal City. I was behind you when he stopped at the light and you got out still dressed in Friday evenings attire with your hair looking as if it was in a blender. You quickly bent over and I watched you empty the contents of your stomach all over the corner as the man in the coupe drove off leaving you quite over-dressed in wrinkled attire and some seriously f*cked up hair.

vomit.jpgMoving along as not to hold up traffic and chuckling to myself I pulled up to the guy driving the coupe, nice morning so he had his window down, I looked over with a gleeful grin without saying a word, he just knew I wanted more information. He just grinned and said Craigslist Casual Encounters.

So if you've straightened your hair, cleaned up some and feel like going out this Friday evening for Part II, let me know. You look like a good time if you were cleaned up.

A woman is never more attractive than when she's spewing vomit all over the place. We've always had a thing for that Maureen Dowd.

Vomit girl in Crystal City - you so hot m4w [craigslist]


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