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What a week it was!

After 4 days of what was a pretty successful DNC Convention, we were treated to the news that Steve Bannon was arrested for defrauding MAGA rubes who donated to his "Build The Wall" scam! Then you find out he was arrested in a boat by the damn post office. But that's not all! Then you had Mary L. Trump, niece of Donald J., who wrote a tell-all book about him, release "secret" tapes of Trump's own sister badmouthing him to the Washington Post. If this isn't definitive prove that if there is a benevolent deity, it's a woman with a great sense of humor, I don't know what is.

So with that, let's take a look at what GOP idiots said on the Sunday shows, as the Republican National Convention was about to kick off.

We begin on CNN's "State Of The Union" with Jake Tapper, who had (acting) Homeland Security chief and '80s teen movie villain Chad Wolf. Tapper asked Wolf to clarify what Trump meant when he told Sean Hannity last week that he's going to send "sheriffs" and "law enforcement" to the polls. Sean Hannity's Fox News show last week:

WOLF: No, absolutely he has not. Again, that's not what we do at the Department of Homeland Security. We have law enforcement authorities and law enforcement officers at the department. We have express authorities given to us by Congress. And this is not one of them. […]

Wow, Chad. It's almost like you're growing as a public official! (We don't believe him.)

Tapper also asked Wolf about the grifty fraudy border wall scam that got Steve Bannon indicted, now that Trump and his minions are pretending they never even supported that grifty fraudy scam fund for WALL.

TAPPER: So, former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon and three others were indicted this week in the Southern District of New York for fraud […] You reportedly made an unannounced visit to that private border wall last November. You even suggested you supported it. You said -- quote -- "I welcome all that want to be part of the solution." You were lending your credibility and the credibility of the Department of Homeland Security to what prosecutors say is a scam. Do you regret that? Are you embarrassed by it?

WOLF: No. Again, I think you -- I think you hit it on the head, which is, I said and I'll continue to say I welcome all that want to be part of the solution. I did not specifically endorse this particular organization or what they are doing.

TAPPER: But you went there.

WOLF: My visit to El Paso at the time -- my visit to El Paso at the time was my first trip to the border as acting secretary. […] I wanted to understand how a private organization, if they did -- if they were going to build this on their own, using their own funding, how it integrated with what CBP was doing on the border.

So ANYONE can just up and build parts of a racism-fueled "wall"? Can they just add anything they want like moats and sharks with laser beams attached to their heads? I'm not an expert on useless bigotry walls, but I'm pretty sure it shouldn't look like a community quilt project of hate.

Meanwhile on "Fox News Sunday," White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows got the same question Wolf got above, about law enforcement being used a poll watchers, and he had a similar response.

Mark Meadows responds to secret Trump family tapes

MEADOWS: And so, to the extent that we're going to deploy thousands of sheriffs, no, we're not going to do that.

Of course this somewhat sober response was couched between his attacks on Mary Trump's credibility, which I'm sure was why she felt the need to bring receipts.

Meadows had other thoughts to share. On why Trump will veto a $25 Billion bipartisan bill that includes funding for the post office to protect the election:

MEADOWS: The $25 billion, you know, largely messaging bill, because it's going absolutely nowhere, has nothing to do with voting. It has everything to do with a political statement. Here's how I know, because in the privacy of the negotiating room, I offered $10 billion […]

On how he is such a craven ass-kisser that he's willing to say with a straight face that Donald Trump reads a lot:

MEADOWS:The president is not only well-prepared, but reads so much that it causes me to have to read many times well into the night to catch up with him and --

And finally, here is Meadows being a coward about condemning a dangerous conspiracy theory movement:

CHRIS WALLACE: You can end this controversy right now. Does the president disavow, does he condemn QAnon?

MEADOWS: Well, listen, we -- we don't even know what it is. I can tell you you've spent more time talking on it, Chris, than we have in the White House. I find it appalling that the media, when we have all of the important things that are going on, a list of top 20, that the first question at a press briefing would be about QAnon that I had to actually Google to figure out what it is.

We bet.

We end with RNC chair Ronna Romney McDaniel. When asked why the GOP convention will have some in-person events during this pandemic, like the DNC did not, she said this:

MCDANIEL: [T]he Democrats and Joe Biden just said we're going to shut this country down again. And that is a really elite view of America right now. Now from a safety perspective, we tested everybody before they came to Charlotte. We have been testing people on site.[…] The Democrats are saying, shut it all down. Well, that's easy for Hollywood celebrities and privileged politicians but that's not good for average Americans.

This faux populism and care for the "Average American" would sound more sincere if:

  • It wasn't coming from Mitt Romney's niece
  • The GOP-controlled Senate hadn't failed to even bring up the HEROES Act that the House passed, which provides enhanced unemployment and stimulus payments for Americans.

Also: What Covid-19 tests does GOP convention have that provides results instantly for a large crowd? Either they are bogarting the good tests for their shitty convention, or the RNC is going to be a "temperature reading-only" petri dish for coronavirus.

See you on the other side of GOP 2020 Hellcon!

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