A Straight Guy Fell In Love With A Lesbian In Today's Happy Links!


Oh happy day! What a wondrous strange world it is over at Happy Nice Time People, Wonkette's sweet sister site devoted to things entertainment-y and pop culture-ish! Why don't you follow us on Twitter RIGHT THIS MOMENT?! Okay, now on for some Happy Links!

A famous metalcore dude totally lied about being Christian, and also he tried to have his wife murdered!

A thieving dog thieved a wallet! (The AP is racist.)

A man had sex with a trans woman and bragged about it like he fucked the Stanley Cup.

A straight man fell in love with a lesbian and asked us for advice about it.

A clothing company fired its pervy CEO and we contemplated labor vs. grossness.

A famous soccer man became a rapper!

A fond look back at Dov Charney's influence (okay, not so fond, maybe).

A handsome Jewish man (Jon Stewart!) made fun of the mainstream media for its Hillary coverage.

A pervy image of sideboob.






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