A Strong Statement on Prisoner Abuse

    America's greatness is defined by the treatment of our enemies. And if we came to Iraq to install a regime, or just replace one authoritarian regime with another that's not quite so bad, it's not worth the sacrifice of over 700 American lives.
It's kind of refreshing to see the Democrats finally take advantage of an issue where they can unapologetically take the high ground, really let loose on the president for the damage he's done to the country's standing in international circles and for how he's hurt the causes of liberty and democracy in general. They might really turn the tide of the election. Oh, sorry. That's a quote from John McCain.

Over at John Kerry '04, they're promoting Health Care Week.

Transcript: Sens. McCain, Bayh on 'Fox News Sunday' [FoxNews.com]

John Kerry Press Room [JohnKerry.com]


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