A Taste of Iraq ... In Alaska

Wayyy hotter than Murkowski! - WonketteTina Fey-lookalike Sarah Palin apparently destroyed Jabba the Hutt-lookalike Gov. Frank Murkowski in yesterday's Republican primary.

The obscenely corrupt governor is so universally despised that it was only a question of how badly he'd be beaten (answer: very badly), so the real news is the bizarre urban gunfight that nearly killed Murkowski campaign worker Christopher Allridge.

The heroic Allridge was struck in the chest in the drive-by shooting outside "The Mall at Sears," which seems to be the main landmark of downtown Anchorage. Two trucks zipped by as the lunatic occupants fired at each other.

But unlike in Iraq, which also has a robust democracy, the gunfight didn't have anything to do with the election. Or mosques. Or anything, as far as we can tell. Besides Allridge, the only known victim of the crazy gunmen was some trailer at the edge of town.

Allridge spent a few hours in the hospital and then rushed to the polls so he could bravely cast one of the few votes for Murkowski.



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