A Twister Revolution and Fun Times With Your Feet

A Twister Revolution and Fun Times With Your Feet
  • Saturday, August 22: There's creative, and then there's just weird. The Washington Improv Theater is featuring short films that are made on the streets of DC and based on audience suggestions all while the audience is ... in the audience. It's like paying to watch your favorite You Tube films, only somehow it's a lot cooler. 8PM, tickets are $15. [Washington Improv Theater]

  • Saturday, August 22: So much free dancing. The Dance Institute of Washington is hosting an open house, which means FREE dance lessons for you! You're not going to learn to perfect your salsa, but you might like the class so much that you'll sign up for more! Oh wait... [Dance Institute of Washington]
  • Sunday, August 23: Noting that young people like to drink while watching movies, Asylum is continuing its popular movie screenings with films by John Hughes.  It's a line up of your favorite angsty teenage films -- Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off -- that you can watch with angsty twentysomethings. Fun! Free. 8:15PM. [Asylum]
  • Sunday, August 23: If you're desperate for ways to round out August, or you just really like PBR, head to the Flashpoint this Sunday for their Twister tournament. You'll get fed pigs in a blanket, there will be copious amounts of PBR, and, as if that's not enough PBR, the winner gets a PBR Bocce Ball, which has to be the lamest prize ever. Tickets are $15. [Flashpoint]
  • Thursday, August 27 through Saturday, September 12:The Taming of the Shrew will be performed for FREE starting next Thursday at the Sidney Harman Hall as part of the Shakespeare Free For All event. Tickets to see Shakespeare are normally thousands of millions of dollars, so it’s definitely worth taking advantage of this free offer. Plus it is free, so if you get bored you can leave and not feel like you're wasting money. [Shakespeare Free for All]

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