A Very Vexatious Friday

  • GREEN EFFIN SHOOTS Y'ALL, happy days are here again! The unemployment rate fell to a mere 9.4% in the marvelous month of July. [New York Times]
  • Huzzah, the Senate has appropriated more cash for Cash for Clunkers. (For Clunkers.) [Washington Post]
  • Oh good Lord. Harry Reid used an actual patch of AstroTurf as a visual aid to demonstrate what dicks the Republicans were being about health care reform and described their intransigence with the most stinging insult in the English language ( "vexatious stuff"). [Washington Post]
  • President Obama's counterterrorism chief says, "January sounds like an OK closing date for Guantanamo, but so do a lot of other months." [Wall Street Journal]
  • AIG, the insurance giant and one of the most despised companies in America, has posted its first profit in seven quarters. [Bloomberg]
  • John Hughes, the cinematic Tolstoy of our times (honestly!), died too young. [RogertEbert.com]

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