The Week In Catastrophe: Health Care, Hurricane Katrina, 25 Year-Old Thrice-Published Novelists


Books this week are all about devastation: There are a few about our economy and health care system, oh and one that is a chilling testament to the impossibly tragic early onslaught of ennui that befalls New York City private school kids every year. Plus, it is also the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, a terrible American disaster.

Monday, August 24

  • Fantastically mustachioed Wall Street Journal economics editor Dave Wessel's new book is In Fed We Trust. Go hear him talk about it if only to find out whether or not he's being cheeky. 7 PM. [Politics & Prose]

Tuesday, August 25

  • The Healing of America sounds like it is something about health care reform. Zeitgeist-y. 7 PM. [Politics & Prose]

Wednesday, August 26

  • The history of the LAPD is a topic about which we know quite little actually! John Buntin, whose book, L.A. Noir, is about this very subject, probably knows quite a lot! 7 PM. [Politics & Prose]
  • New MUSIC BOOK about your favorites Bob Marley and Nina Simone, plus others. 7 PM. [Busboys & Poets]

Thursday, August 27

  • An Expensive Education is the third novel from Nick McDowell, the twenty-five year-old who also wrote that book about New York City private school kids doing drugs that was somehow different from Gossip Girl. 7 PM. [Politics & Prose]

Sunday, August 30

  • It is the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina this weekend, and Busboys & Poets is hosting a for-charity screening of a documentary called Paradise Faded: The Fight for Louisiana. 7 PM. [Busboys & Poets]

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