A Weekend For Lovers of the Dead, Records, and Michelle Obama's Vegetables

A Weekend For Lovers of the Dead, Records, and Michelle Obama's Vegetables

Garden Tours: Organic farmer of lore Michelle Obama is growing vegetables in her backyard and now you don't need to have a small child or be an underprivileged kid from Anacostia to see them, as the White House is opening its gardens and grounds to visitors on Saturday and Sunday! Free. [White House Garden Tour]

  • Friday, April 16: How often can you see an old Grateful Dead show in an actual movie theater? If this is your lifelong dream, well then you should just be so excited because "Crimson, White & Indigo," a movie of a 1989 Dead performance, is being screened tonight at the Atlas Performing Arts Center. [Atlas Performing Arts Center]
  • Friday, April 16 through Sunday, April 17: In what can only be described as a media masturbation-athon, writers from Newsweek,The New York Times,The Wall Street Journal and other publications will be speaking at the Bethesda Literary Festival this weekend. They will enlighten us about the economy, the White House and the role of the media in politics. [Bethesda Literary Festival]
  • Saturday, April 17: Get in touch with your inner South Asian by going to the Bhangra Blowout this weekend. At the blowout, bhangra dance teams from across the country will compete for top prizes. [Bhangra Blowout]
  • Saturday, April 17: The lifelong dream of all hipsters is to have a beard and work in a record store (this is true), which is why we think at least a quarter of the city must be thrilled beyond belief for Record Store Day on Saturday! Put on the tightest pants you own and buy some records, for Fort Reno and hopefully some of the proceeds will also help hipsters buy some food. [Record Store Day]
  • Saturday April 17 through Sunday, May 2: Dance, it turns out, is the answer to all of life's questions. It will help you be fit, enrich your social life and maybe even touch your soul, at least according to "Dance is the Answer 2010," a series of classes, lectures and workshops all about dance that are taking place all around the District through the beginning of May. [Dance is the Answer]
  • Closing Sunday, April 18: The Genocide in Darfur? Yep, it's still happening. Learn all about it at Theater J's awesome production of "In Darfur," which closes this Sunday. [Theater J]

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