A White House Staffer May Have His Fingers Amputated Because...?


Keep an eye on these shady-ass bunny furriesIs President Obama going around the White House residence smashing staffers' fingers because his sheets didn't have proper hospital corners? The only correct answer can be "yes," because will you just look at what happened today: "A member of the White House household staff suffered an on-the-job injury Tuesday and may have lost some fingers."

The Washington Post originally reported the story, and was told by D.C. Fire/EMS spokesman Lon Walls that the staffer was facing the "possible amputation of one or two fingers" and "was taken to Washington Hospital Center with injuries that were classified as life-threatening."

"Possible amputation of one or two fingers" ... "injuries classified as life-threatening" ... hmm... is something not squaring up? (Of course it's terrible either way!)

But here's the latest, the cover-up perhaps, from an Obama administration official: "There was a minor injury with a member of the residence staff – an ambulance was called out of an abundance of caution."

What the hell?

[Washington Post, Politico]


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