About That Canadian Coup...

Many have asked Wonkette to chime in on the insane constitutional crisis embroiling Canada's idiot government these days, which is shocking, because well-to-do white nerd countries had supposedly given up on such uncouth measures as overthrowing the state. Slate's posted athorough summary of the whole thing; and if you'd like an "authentic" Canadian newspaper article about it... well crap, what's the name of any Canadian newspaper... Toronto must have one... ah, here. Our briefest of recaps is below.

This is more or less the deal: PM Stephen Harper's Conservatives won October's elections with a 46% plurality of seats, so he needed to ally with one of four insanely liberal/separatist minority parties to build a majority coalition and "formal legitimacy," the liberal parties asked for various hippie progressive reforms in return for their allegiance, the Conservatives responded by offering more newer wingnut ideas instead, the liberal parties decided they did not want to eat this particular bag of dicks and banded together to churn out a proposal whereby they would seize the government as a majority coalition, albeit unelected. A Parliamentary vote -- which is somehow allowed to decide this -- was expected to decide in their favor on Dec. 8.

But then the figurehead colonial governor of Canada, who was appointed by the QUEEN OF ENGLAND, decided yesterday morning to suspend the government until January 26.

Canada is famous for such things as Eskimos and maple trees.

Chaos in Canada [Slate]

Sources predict early Dion departure [Toronto Star]


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