About That Karl Rove Picture, With the Sleestaks ...

Who could've predicted this administration would owe more to "Twin Peaks" than Ronald Reagan? This picture -- which is causing such an outrage because it seemingly proves Karl Rove's involvement with Chattanooga computer-design firm Coptix, which is supposedly hiding criminal White House e-mails -- just isn't right.

The obvious thing to question is the Coptix logo on the folder, because that's something that could be easily slapped on with the most basic Photoshopping skills. You know, as some sort of "viral marketing" that will cause Boston to shut down. But then everything in the picture started looking suspicious to us (and our commenters). For instance, what the hell is playing on the restaurant's television?

Let's go crazy, after the jump.

Can you make it out? Here's a hint: SSSSSSSS SSSSSSSS.

They're Sleestaks. You know, from the freakish alien-world time-travel morally-ambiguous-cavemen mysterious-technology 1970s children's show Land of the Lost.

But that show hasn't been on television for a long time, not even in repeats. We even searched TV Guide on Yahoo to see if it was playing anywhere in the country. It's not.

Unless Porkers is the bizarre kind of "Lost Highway" place where the staff puts on videos of creepy Sleestaks when the president drops by, we have to assume the Sleestaks were added to this picture of Rove.

And when's the last time a TV screen appeared so clearly in a photograph, anyway?

These Sleestaks were more than likely not on that screen in that room at that time. In fact, they're in a pose you'll recognize from a quick Google Image Search.

Oh shit, sleestaks! - Wonkette


Oh, and then there are the suspicious medical personnel. What's the one on the left holding? That looks wrong, too -- it seems to be a two-dimensional object held at a bizarre angle by the doctor-lady, who doesn't seem aware that she's holding anything, let alone a large rectangular something that's sort of oddly balanced in her right palm. What is that?

And the strange keyhole-shaped reflection on the table to Rove's left, on the right side of the photo -- what is making that reflection? What does it mean?

What about the source of the photograph? He seems to be a nice family man who posts about his kids and Chattanooga and meeting George W. Bush in the most random way, which is frankly suspicious as hell because since when is Bush allowed contact with an unscreened crowd? Oh, and the guy posts about God, too ... on a Chattanooga community blog ... run by Coptix.

At the end of that post about Christianity, he ends with this mocking note:

Again, my comments are still down..... Someone remind me to get with my host about it.... :-)
Right, because he secretly works for Coptix ... and Rove? Or maybe the Coptics -- the ancient Christian sect.

We're going to drive over to David Lynch's house and punch him in the nuts, because this shit is no longer funny -- it's just terrifying.

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