Abraham Lincoln, Total Communist

We just keep falling in love all over again with Colorado wingnut radio preacher Kevin Swanson. Anyone who thinks that the Pill leaves ladies' innardslittered with tiny dead fetuses and that Mark Twain was possessed by demons is OK in our book (it is a rather strange book). And now Swanson has blown the lid off the biggest scam ever: Abraham Lincoln was a Marxist socialist commie who was bent on turning America into a socialist hellhole, and it worked!!!!

Swanson invited neo-Confederate writer Walter Kennedy to join him for a discussion of how all this happened -- Kennedy has produced such scholarly works as Lincoln’s Marxists and Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists: Marxism in the Civil War. Not that he's obsessed or anything. And the two of them got down to explaining the ugly reality of what the War of Northern Aggression was really all about. Sure, slavery was sometimes unpleasant, says Swanson, but that was nothing compared to the commie dictatorship that Lincoln imposed:

“It’s the socialist utopians that come into town and they promise deliverance from local fiefdoms only to create a large tyranny in the Soviet Union, Soviet America and Soviet China and Soviet everywhere else in the world.”

You see, Lincoln and his commie Republicans were pretty much just paving the way for Marxists like Barack Obama, according to Kennedy:

“The Democrats, both Northern and Southerners, believed in limited government and the Marxists hated that concept, they wanted to do away with states’ rights and limited government so that they’d have one big all-powerful indivisible government that could force its will upon the American people.”

Talk about oppression! And as proof, Kennedy noted that Karl Marx himself was very proud of Lincoln, and that he praised ol' Red Abe for quashing the brave Confederate “fight to keep small government alive, states’ rights alive.” This is sorta-kinda true, actually -- Marx, then living in London, did publish a letter to Lincoln in 1864, congratulating him on his reelection and proclaiming "Death to Slavery!" -- though he left out the stuff about small government and states' rights. And Marx also gave a copy to the American Ambassador to England, who did indeed deliver it to the President, which pretty much proves that Karl Marx was essentially a member of Lincoln's cabinet.

Kennedy also explained that after the South's defeat, America went completely Red, and freedom was dead, dead, dead. Also God:

“All of these communists that have wormed their way into power, into powerful positions, they began to influence other people to pursue this objective of a big, indivisible government, and government supplants God as being sovereign.” [...]

“Post-Civil War, you’ve got the socialist goals, the communist platform, the Manifesto platform, I think there are ten elements to the platform, one by one they come about in our country,” Swanson added. “And first was the public schools.”

Damn that time-travelling Communist Lincoln and the way he went back to Colonial Massachusetts to institute public education! And not five minutes after the public schools came in, they banned prayer in public schools, too.

Kennedy was pretty hot for the public school stuff, and piled on:

Kennedy said public schools “make all the children think alike and think the way the government wanted them to think, no different than in Nazi Germany or in Soviet Union or in North Korea.”

“They want all of the children to think alike, and what tyrant doesn’t want all of his subjects to think alike?”

Heaven knows you'd never see good Christian conservative trying to indoctrinate children with a bunch of ideologically biased propaganda.

[RightWingWatch via AddictingInfo / Marxists.org]

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