According To Comedian, DC Metro System Is 'Tron'

According To Comedian, DC Metro System Is 'Tron'
  • Friday, April 3: Christian Finnegan of Chapelle's Show and Best Week Ever fame comes to DC Improv till Sunday. Listen to his comedy bit about the DC metro system, which is he says is "the fucking Tron compared to NYC subways, where there's always someone "twisting one off in the corner." Gross. [DC Improv]

  • Friday, April 3: Love to laugh at Washington journalists? Let's see how that works out when they're trying to be funny. Commedia dell Media, a fund-raiser for Reporters Without Borders and the Eric Friedheim Memorial Library, is at the National Press Club. [Details Here]
  • Monday, April 6: Join the Avalon Theatre's panel discussion on film and politics, I Voted At the Movies. An NPR editor, correspondent and film critic will talk about how movies shape people's views of politicians and politics, and what happens when an actor gets elected to office. Hopefully, they'll show clips from Bulworth! RSVP by April 3, free. [Avalon]
  • Wednesday, April 8: If you totally loved the movie Once, don't miss The Avalon Theatre's screening of Little Girl Blue, an award-winning film from the Czech Republic about a teen-aged girl who's devastated that her favorite singer died, so she buys a piano, which of course, changes her life. 8PM. [Avalon]
  • An dirty orphan reunites with his mom, who happens to be the queen of Athens. Greek playwright Euripides's not-so-famous play Ion comes to life at The Shakespeare Theatre Company. Until April 12, show times vary. [Shakespeare]
  • Mead Theatre performance Deep Belly Beautiful may sound like a birthing documentary on TLC, but it's actually about an intricate love triangle, and according to the plot summary, "cannibalism" (Your Wonkette isn't sure whether that's figurative or literal...let's hope it's the latter). Show times vary. [Flashpoint]

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