"According to Your Responses You Are a: Shiftless Bureaucrat"

The CIA, apparently eager to recruit 16-year-old girls, has a brand-new personality quiz on their website. It will kill all of two minutes of work today, so check it out! The AP reports that it will use your answers to inane, non-CIA-related questions (most of them having vague connection to glamorous spy movies, but seemingly as written by a committee of people generally unfamiliar with spy movies) and classify you into one of the following groupings: "daring thrill-seekers, thoughtful observers, curious adventurers, innovative pioneers or impressive masterminds."

Questions left out include, "do you speak Arabic?" and "will you take the fall for the executive branch's next colossal intelligence fuckup?" and "will you lie to congress for us?"

This is the funniest legal disclaimer we've seen in a while, though:


The CIA does have a sense of humor! "No access to your personal information!" Ha!

CIA recruiting comes out of the shadows [AP via WT]

Myths About CIA [CIA]


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