Virginia Senate Dems Kill GOP Anti-Abortion Bill BUT GOOD

Virginia Senate Dems Kill GOP Anti-Abortion Bill BUT GOOD

Things are pretty iffy in Virginia these days, what with Governor Glenn Youngkin and all. But luckily for the people of Virginia, 2021's great mistake might not have so many permanent repercussions, as the Senate, still controlled by Democrats, is able to step in and reel some of the worst mistakes back.

For instance, an attempt to ban abortion after 20 weeks just failed so badly in the Senate that it is unlikely that Republicans will even bother trying again this year to make that nightmare a reality.

Via Washington Post:

The measure from Republican Sen. Amanda Chase failed on a party-line vote of 6-9.

While a similar bill is alive in the GOP-controlled House, it has not been docketed for a hearing that legislative procedure would require take place by Friday.

“We do not see a path for the bill to pass the House, Senate, get to the governor,” said Del. Rob Bell, the chairman of the committee that would take up the bill.

Jamie Lockhart, executive director of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia, said she expected that between Thursday’s Senate committee vote and the remarks from Bell, who spoke a day earlier with the Virginia Mercury, any 20-week ban was dead for the year.


Alas, as nice as it feels to cheer for Virginia Senate Democrats doing something good for the people of Virginia — there's always one, isn't there? Democratic state Sen. Joe Morrissey, who is anti-choice, has said that he would support Republican senators in a bid to bring the bill to a floor vote. Sen. Morrissey is notoriously very fond of children, not only having six of them with four different women, but also having served three months in prison for having sexual relations with and possessing nude photographs of a 17-year-old girl who worked for him as a receptionist at his law firm when he was 56.

They are now, uh, married.

There are several more abortion-related measures pending in the Virginia House, including one that would force those who wish to have an abortion to undergo counseling, but hopefully those will get voted down in the Senate as well. Also, hopefully, Virginia Democrats will be able to find someone who is not, in fact, an anti-choice ephebophile to primary Sen. Joseph Morrissey by 2023, because that is honestly just embarrassing.


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