Actual Pigs Are Getting Swine Flu. What's Next, Like, The Actual Swine Flu Virus Getting Swine Flu?


  • After being prodded by basically everyone on Earth, soon-to-be-former President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai is ready to admit that he did not actually win the re-election. [New York Times]
  • A new poll says that most people think the public option would be a good thing, actually. [Washington Post]
  • Swine flu has spread to this one actual swine in Minnesota. It's hard to feel bad given how appropriate this seems! [WSJ]
  • A US scientist was arrested for trying to sell important secrets to someone he thought was an Israeli intelligence guy, but was actually just an American intelligence guy about to arrest him. [CNN]
  • Iran is two seconds away from doing something it might possibly regret to Pakistan—possibly bombing it, or possibly explicitly threatening it with bombs. [AP]
  • Apple, Inc. shares are the highest they've ever been. There are still no available Genius Bar appointments. [Reuters]

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