Actual Trump Supporter ‘Disguised’ Himself As Fake Antifa Activist During Capitol Siege

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Actual Trump Supporter ‘Disguised’ Himself As Fake Antifa Activist During Capitol Siege

Republicans, including the one-term loser, spent most of last year claiming that Joe Biden's antifa troops were everywhere, spreading violence through cities and even riding in airplanes. When a clearly identifiable MAGA mob stormed the Capitol, certain mentally deficient Republicans insisted that the violent insurrectionists could've been antifa. Yesterday, FBI Director Chris Wray confirmed the observable reality that criminals dressed like Donald Trump supporters were in fact Donald Trump supporters.

However, it turns out that at least one insurrectionist at the January 6 klanbake “disguised" himself as an antifa activist, because he assumed this would permit him to coup freely. William Robert Norwood III from South Carolina revealed his seditious cosplay scheme in a group text.

"I'm dressing in all black," Norwood wrote, according to [a criminal] complaint. "I'll look just like antifa. I'll get away with anything."

Wearing all-black can make you look like many things — a goth, a mime, or just your average New Yorker. There is no official antifa uniform because antifa isn't an actual organization. Norwood straight-up resides in an alternate reality when he claims that antifa can “get away with anything." Sure, most of the people arrested during last year's racial justice protests were suburbanites with little criminal history, but that doesn't mean antifa had a riot hall pass. Antifa simply isn't the threat Republicans pretend it is.

The day after the Capitol siege, Norwood boasted in a followup text message about how well his "antifa disguise" worked.

I got away with things that others were shot or arrested for. The cop shot a female Trump supporter. Then allowed "ANTIFA Trump supporters" to assault him. I was one of them. I was there. I took his shit.

This is a regular Antifa Like Me.

Norwood disarmed a cop and took his helmet and body armor as souvenir trophies. That's the true thug life, but he considered his own actions further evidence of how antifa was allowed to run rampant in Biden's America. "Tell me how that works," he asked in his group text confession. Unfortunately, the party apparently ended for Norwood when he changed out of his “antifa garb."

"I fought 4 cops, they did nothing. When I put my red hat on, they pepper balled me," Norwood wrote.

Raising my hand here: I think the cops pepper balled Norwood because he'd just assaulted police officers. This had nothing to do with his Beyoncé-like costume changes, but his whiteness might explain why he's still alive.

According to FBI officials, Norwood's brother, T.D., immediately read him for filth.

"You admitted to going and being something you're accusing other people of being. And then got mad and blamed others for the same thing you did. What the actual f--- is wrong with you?" T.D. texted, according to the documents.

Norwood, demonstrating how much blue lives matter to him, allegedly replied, "The one cop who deserved it, got it. The cops who acted shitty got exactly what they deserved. The ones who were cool, got help."

T.D. and family member J.D. tipped off the FBI and shared Norwood's incriminating messages. Norwood's version of events is absurd, like some wino's UFO abduction story. He admitted entered the Capitol after getting separated from his wife (it's unclear if she was also dressed like antifa). He wanted to leave but the crowd was too large. He defended cops from the violent criminals who totally weren't him. Someone else took the police vest and put it on him like James Brown's cape, which is definitely something random people do. Spontaneous clothes fittings are a big problem at riots.

"Norwood also denied assaulting law enforcement officers, and claimed that any statements he made in text messages were meant to make Norwood sound tough," the criminal complaint said.

Why would a middle-aged MAGA booster from South Carolina believe texting tall tales about beating up cops would impress the folks back home?

Norwood is facing charges of "violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, obstruction of justice and Congress, theft of government property and other counts," which I assume will cover delivering beat downs to cops. It's astonishing that he was able to just walk away in all the confusion. Yet, in his mind, he doesn't have it as good as your average antifa. That's so MAGA.

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