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The Republican Party has taken this movie trailer meme and really run with it. Oh, did you think this summer was rather boring in terms of political news? YOU THOUGHT WRONG. That music that plays in slow-motion terrorism movies is playing, and it seems our black president is raising money for his party's candidates as if he was every single previous president in recent times. SCARY!

There is a ghost of a man with casino chips next to him! Get out of there, Obama! That man has casino chips! He is evil! Oh no! And also a gay man said something about Obama going to enjoy theater! HOW CAN HE ENJOY THEATER WHILST STRAIGHT PEOPLE SUFFER?

"Mr. President, if you had created American jobs, you wouldn't have to spend so much time trying to save Democrat Senators' jobs" is not a very succinct tag line, though, and it doesn't have a pun in it. But it doesn't matter, as children have been literally choking themselves in the street because Obama is attending fundraisers.

FINALLY someone is here to help us stop all the asploding. Those someones are the National Republican Senatorial Committee, who, unlike this Obama guy, are not interested in raising money or campaigning for candidates.

So please give them some money for their candidates. [YouTube]


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