So Adam Kinzinger Seems Pissed

It sounds like Rep. Adam Kinzinger, one of two Republican members of the House January 6 Select Committee and one of the very few remaining Republicans in Congress with any legitimate claim to sanity or patriotism, is having a bit of a "through with this shit" moment.

We guess the combination of — deep breath for this run-on sentence! — the terrorist attack Donald Trump incited against America and the fact Trump has yet to face any sort of accountability for it, and the genocide and war crimes Trump's best pal Vladimir Putin is inflicting on innocents in Ukraine, and the way Republicans and their media mouthpieces sound more and more like state-run Putin assets every day, and the fact that Trump is literally begging Putinnowfuckingrightnow to give him dirt on his political enemy, who is the president of the United States, plus how Trump can't seem to find one harsh word to say about how upon Putin's orders Ukrainian bodies are getting cold in Ukrainian mass graves, oh and then there's that one smart-mouthed little troll colleague of his who called Volodymyr Zelenskyy a "thug," and ...

Well yeah, all that might get to a person after a while. (Maybe it gets to them so much that they eventually regret voting against voting rights? One step at a time, we suppose.)

Michigan GOP Rep. Fred Upton, who along with Kinzinger was one of the 10 who voted to impeach Donald Trump for that wee terrorist attack he incited, announced his retirement today. We already knew Kinzinger was quitting after November.

Here's Kinzinger. He mad.

So I'm back in DC, and what a historic time, obviously. You know, I look at this and I — I mean, I'm in here looking at a minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, who hasn't really said a word about his members that have shown Putin sympathy. I never could have imagined my party would not just even have somebody that's showing Putin sympathy, but would not vomit them out if they rose their ugly head.

You know, we have people like Tucker Carlson, in essence, "just asking questions," that's his thing, about whether or not the CIA did, you know, frame all these atrocities we're seeing in Ukraine.

And then the latest outrage of the day is some "woke" thing on Disney, or whatever it is, you know, Dr. Seuss we've moved on from.

I gotta tell you, we've got a bunch of children in this job. We've got a bunch of people that sit around — the world order is being challenged for the first time since World War II. And they're sitting around thinking today about how we can win our next election, what the newest outrage is, what's the next thing we can do to get people angry and upset and get their money from them for our re-election.

We are being governed by a bunch of children. By a bunch of people that are not serious about running the United States of America and truly don't understand the threat that's out there from Vladimir Putin, from China, and from some of these actors in the world that want to destroy our place here.

I mean, there is a genocide going on in Ukraine, and the outrage is over what's happening in Walt Disney. You guys deserve way better. I mean, I'm glad I'm leaving here in a year, because I'm just being surrounded by a bunch of children.

So let's grow up. And I hope my party can finally remember where our foundations are and actually say that we're not going to be Putin-sympathetic anymore.

Wishful thinking.

No notes, would watch again.


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