Adam Nagourney: So Much Cooler Than We Thought

The NYT's Adam Nagourney has a blog! And he lets friend J.W. contribute, too:

GW is so cool. I picked up an orange and said “hello senator!” GW laughed- hard. He squeezed my hand and said he was going to call me ‘tiny’ cause I’d be considered slim in Texas.
It's a little Live Journal-y, with lots of emoticons and comments on tonight's debate from his pals Howard K., E. Bumiller, and, of course, "Cece" Connelly:
Could you all just wake me up when Kerry starts wearing brown suits? I really have nothing to add to this discussion until then.
Kinda surprised the Times would let him do this, though. Remember how pissed they were when Judith Miller started that riot grrl 'zine?

UPDATE: Maybe the Times won't be letting him get away with it after all:

Guys, this really isn’t cool. I don’t expect you to be objective in your writing…that’s just a pose for the muggles. But about this…what do you call it…blug? Whatever. What if the public get’s a hold of it? Remember what happened when that wonkette slut outted her lesbian lover intern friend? I mean, the pictures of them two were hot and all, but it was the talk of the town.

Oh, btw, anybody got any crayolas left? I don’t know what my job is, and it’s just so boring in this office.

Comment by David Okrent — 9/30/2004 @ 12:34 pm

UPDATE UPDATE: The comments section continues to become a showcase for the press corps' finest scribes:

I can’t believe how computer savvy you’ve all become. Do you all get my constant use of the phrase “googling monkey” now? Isn’t that just so unbelievably clever? I love myself.

Comment by MarkHpin — 9/30/2004 @ 2:36 pm

Ad Nags: The Private Journal of Adam Nagourney []


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