Shame it's so tough to get a good screengrab of the boy.

Breaking News Gods, we're gonna need y'all to shut up for five fucking seconds, because first of all, we are some exhausted Wonkettes, and number two, our favorite figure skater Adam Rippon went on "Ellen" on Thursday, and all is right with the world.

It was a really good interview! They talked about the Olympics (duh) and boys (more duh) and everything else!

Here are some videos and quotes and hilarious commentary from yr Wonkette:

So, what would Rippon say to gay-hating Mike Pence if the vice president started begging him for some alone time again, now that the Olympics is over?

I have nothing to say to Mike Pence. That's not a conversation for me.

Enough said! Rippon went on to say, though, that he would talk directly to Pence about what the legislation he has supported has done to hurt LGBT people, reiterating that it would not be for his own benefit.

Adam 'n' Ellen then talked about the fundraiser he's doing for GLAAD, to raise money for various programs empowering LGBT youth. This, of course, led to him revealing that he had two goldfish as a child. One of them was named "Princess Diana," which he says "should have been the writing on the wall" that indicated he was a big old gaysexual. We will not reveal the second goldfish's name, because that is something you should see in the video for your damn self.

He added:

One in five kids today identify with some sort of LGBTQ identity. ... One in five! Like right here [gesturing to Ellen] we're two for two right down here! So look to your left. Look to your right. And if nobody's gay, YOU'RE PROBABLY THE ONE.

Really, truly, we adore him. And really, truly, he is correct.


Adam Rippon explained why he didn't win the gold medal for skating:

Ellen ... I know I'm my mother's favorite skater. And the only thing I regret about the Olympics is I feel like the judges didn't really take that into consideration. You know what I mean?"

Also, figure skating scoring these days is ridiculous.

Adam 'n' Ellen talked about who his celebrity crushes are, and he said originally was into Jake Gyllenhaal, then he was into Harry Styles, but now he is in love with Shawn Mendes. (We know who Gyllenhaal is and we halfway know who Harry Styles but that last one is ?????? because we are old.) Anyway, Ellen recommended he look into gay men.

Then they talked about how Sally Field tried to set him up on Twitter with her son, and Adam said he loves Sally Field because she has "CHOOTSPAH!" Indeed, she does! It doesn't sound like she's going to end up being Adam's mother-in-law anytime soon, though, OH WELL.

Anyway, it was a very good interview and if you want any more details you'll have to watch the damn videos because we are tired of typing, goodbye.

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