WHISTLEBLOW THIS: Adam Schiff Running For Senate!

Adam Schiff, who we all know and love from his 17 impeachments of Donald Trump and his treason paraphrases of Trump's perfect crime extortion calls with the Ukrainian president, is running for Dianne Feinstein's Senate seat. Dianne Feinstein has not said she is not running for Senate, mind you. But bless her, she has had such an incredible career, however it seems like everybody has collectively agreed that it's an open seat in 2024.

Maybe they know something we don't (officially) know yet.

Schiff also says in his first interview since announcing that Feinstein gave him her "blessing" to run and that she was "more than comfortable" with him announcing. So there's that.

And here's his campaign announcement video. It's fun. He uses bunches of clips of Donald Trump, Kevin McCarthy, Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson calling him names and saying he's unfit to serve, wearing those as the badges of honor they are. Indeed, a large part of the second half of the video is basically "Yeah, I impeached that motherfucker, but the threat from MAGA garbage is far from over."

Schiff was most recently seen on Wonkette yesterday afternoon dickpunching brand new Mister Speaker McCarthy, after McCarthy made good on his pissy boy threats to remove Schiff and Eric Swalwell from the House Intelligence Committee, for reasons Kevin McCarthy made up.

Schiff is running against Reps. Katie Porter, who's announced, and Barbara Lee, who hasn't officially announced yet but has reportedly told some people. Ro Khanna might get in the race too. California's weirdo jungle primary system means that the two top vote-getters advance to a general election, regardless of party, so it's theoretically possible that you could have a general election with Schiff vs. one of those, or some other matchup.

Schiff comes into the race with a MASSIVE war chest, far bigger than anybody else. He's a prodigious fundraiser.

And of course, if this thing with McCarthy kicking him off the Intelligence Committee sticks, he'll have a bit more time to focus on winning the Senate seat in 2024.

So on that note, Wonkette would like to start a conspiracy theory that McCarthy is only doing this to free Schiff up to focus on his Senate campaign. Schiff probably passed him a note during the 96th vote for speaker like "Hey can you plz go through with kicking me off Intel so I can focus on winning so hard? Make it believable, shit on Swalwell too." And McCarthy was like "You're the boss of me!" and Schiff was like "Seems like everybody is!"

Haha, we are obviously kidding (OR ARE WE?), but anyway we like Adam Schiff and he would probably think our conspiracy theory is funny (if he knows what's good for him) and oh boy, it looks like this is shaping up to be quite a primary!

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