Adams Morgan, Ethiopians, and Boat Shoes: Why We Hate DC

Is it possible for one brief message board exchange to explain the entire culture and mindset of the Washington Douchebag? To succinctly illustrate everything about them worth ridiculing? If so, this Late Night Shots dialogue might be the motherlode:

change of pace

Posted By: H on 10-20-2006 1:01 pm

Any suggestions for a little change of pace this evening? I was a bit turned off last night at SP when a girl screamed at me for referring to my boat shoes as loafers-goodness gracious i'm bush league.

RE: change of pace

Posted By: Anti on 10-20-2006 2:38 pm

If I have said it once I have said it 1000 times. DO NOT EVER, EVER even go near Adams Morgan. That place is Ghetto.

RE: change of pace

Posted By: correction on 10-20-2006 2:41 pm

Adams Morgan is only do-able if you limit yourself to a few bars that are close together.

Every minute you spend outside of an actual bar your life is in danger. And do not, DO NOT attempt to get a late-night slice of pizza unless you are a pro.

Any by pro I mean ready to fight people.

RE: change of pace

Posted By: Boat Shoes on 10-20-2006 2:49 pm

Everytime I'm in Adams Morgan, I take on at least 3-4 Ethiopans. Skinny little bastards are feisty.

The only comfort we can take in this is that none of them will ever come anywhere near our neighborhood.

Late Night Shots

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