The slow-moving and entirely enjoyable saga of the rise and fall of David Duke-endorsed adult human Chucky doll Tucker Carlson has sped up this week, as a bunch of advertisers have begun to realize out-loud nazism really takes a toll on the Brand. It is so pleasant to see Carlson suffering consequences for his latest jeremiad against those foreign poors who come to dirty up our pristine and clean homeland -- though it is a bit of a headscratcher how it's taken this long for his advertisers to notice.

From Fortune:

Carlson's show has lost at least six advertisers since his outburst last Thursday, during which he claimed immigrants make the U.S. "poor and dirtier." Five days later on Monday, the far-right pundit doubled down, telling viewers, "The left would very much like you to stop talking and thinking about bad decisions they've made over the years." He continued, "'Shut up,' they're screaming, including to this show. Obviously, we won't and you shouldn't either."

Never shut up. Never surrender.

On Monday, five more companies canceled ads. The job listing website Indeed announced on Twitter that it "is not currently advertising on Tucker Carlson and has no plans to advertise on this program in the future." The online marketplace Minted; SmileDirectClub; Nautilus, Inc.; and NerdWallet also pulled their ads.

Indeed was among the top ten advertisers on Fox News, according to TVNewser; at almost 600K, it's a good chunk of change to lose permanently. Isn't that lovely? Millions of dollars LOST because Tucker Carlson cannot stop the shit from pouring out of his mouth.

From Business Insider:

Online design marketplace Minted announced on Monday that it would be dropping the show from its advertising buys. "We do not agree with Mr. Carlson's comments and his opinions are not consistent with the values we hold at Minted," the company tweeted. "Like other advertisers, our media purchases are done broadly across a number of networks."

This is the "Free Market" at work, people. This is what Republicanism is all about, in theory. Carlson is sure to be unbothered by the fluctuations of capitalist enterprise and will doubtless find a way to increase demand by modifying his supply.

Let's see what Captain Asshat had to say about this turn in his fortunes:

Carlson responded on Monday, where he repeated his claims about immigrants and said that "the left" was threatening free speech, repeating the sentence containing the "dirtier" claim.
"The left says we have a moral obligation to admit the world's poor. Even if it makes our own country more like Tijuana is now, which is to say poorer and dirtier and more divided," he said on Monday.

Oh, no!! On the one hand, it could be that people being offended when you say racist shit is a threat to our democracy and will uproot the very foundations of our Constitution. On the other, it could simply be that Tucker is going to bitch and moan and work the refs and claim his victimhood no matter what.

Also, Fox. From Fortune:

"It is a shame that left wing advocacy groups, under the guise of being supposed 'media watchdogs' weaponize social media against companies in an effort to stifle free speech," Fox News said in a statement obtained by Fast Company. "We continue to stand by and work with our advertisers through these unfortunate and unnecessary distractions."

Since Wonkette is only under its (excellent) current management because the last management got the shit boycotted out of it fed by a whole lot of outrage from (TA-DA!) Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller, we are just going to remind Carlson that if the people need his voice, the people will provide. And if the people don't want to provide, we guess he can make money the old-fashioned way: selling diabeetus cures to homebound sad folks, or being superduper fucking racist. Put up a donate button, Tucker. The Daily Stormer folks may not have a lot of money to give, but they love to give money for that.


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