Bryan Fischer Finally Says Something Terrible Enough To Have Op-Ed Pulled


American Family Association resident expert/terrible human Bryan Fischer decided last week that it was okay for white people to take America from the Indiansbecause Native Americans are savages. He's a mercantile-charter strict constructionist, in other words. But apparently the Injuns found his ranch house and put their tomahawks to his scalp, because the preacher man removed the offending post from the AFA's webzine. "I posted a column on the settlement of America by Europeans. The column generated so much intense, vitriolic and profane reaction that it threatened to take on a life of its own, and serve as a distraction to the fundamental mission of AFA," he wrote. Way to go, you guys!

Fischer tried to be mature about calling Native Americans worthless animal heathens who never had morals and don't deserve a place on the Earth. But you ruined it. Can't we be civilized when we talk about how great genocide is? Jeez.

But the issue I addressed in the column is an important one, and at some point, a rational discussion and debate about it must be held.

Yeah. But it happened, like, hundreds of years ago. Perhaps we can push Bryan Fischer into a wormhole so he can go have this important conversation with a bunch of smelly wooden-teethed four-feet tall bewigged men around the ol' chamber pot.

So this is a conversation that needs to take place. But based on the reaction to my column of Tuesday, America is not mature enough right now for that robust dialogue to occur. Until it is ....

Let us all hope that we died in the nuke magma hurricanes long before America became "mature" enough to talk about whether Native Americans are subhuman demons who deserve to be mass-murdered, yes? [AFA]


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