AIDS Is The New Crack

* Providing in-depth, enthusiastic coverage of DC's myriad of college basketball teams so we don't have to. [DCist]

* "Against the backdrop of an unpopular war, rising oil prices and a subprime mortgage crisis, a certain thriftiness seems to have crept into the city's dining rooms." [who am i? why am i here?]

* Everyone (excluding white people, gays, virgins, Virginians) has AIDS! [why.i.hate.dc]

* "What disturbs me even more than the shooting itself was how calm my neighbor and I were. It was as though we just heard an ice cream truck passing. I mean my adrenaline did not even raise an iota. What type of world are we living in when gunshots on a Sunday afternoon don't even phase you?" [Prince of Petworth]

* Borat returns, impresses Red Line passengers. [Eavesdrop DC]


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