Ailes's Tender Tummy

Roger Ailes is not a fan of "The Situation Room" and has some words of advice for the host: "If I were Wolf, who is a very nice guy and a very good journalist, I would be deeply suspicious of them having me spend half of my time with my back to camera. I'm not sure what that plan is, but every time I look at that his back is to camera." Clearly, they're planning on replacing Wolf with an automated back. Or, they will shoot him. Either way, Ailes should be listened to. Ailes makes another salient point about the SitRoom's mind-bending galaxy of RSS feeds and constant projected video feeds:

"It's like going to one of those Imax movies where you go out and you say, 'Wow, that was great,' and then you puke, because your stomach is upset from watching the walls move. It's not good. You actually don't want your walls to move that much. It's like a fundamental thing among humans. You'd sort of like your walls to be steady."
We sort of want to puke after watching Fox sometimes too, but for completely different reasons.

Ailes Takes Aim at Stations' Flaws [TVWeek]


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