Al Franken Stops Failing at Being Funny

one of al franken's many hilarious jokesSo Intern Greg Wasserstrom, the longest tenured member of Team Wonkette, finally managed to whisk away posting rights from the New York Overlords and is now contributing a few times a day. All this while I'm still waiting on my fucking coffee. But for serious! We love Intern Greg's acerbic wit and Nordic heritage. So here's his first contribution, rife with many hilarious jokes.

Hey, remember that hee-larious Al Franken crack he made about... wait, no, we don't remember it either. That might be because the Franken camp is finding that being too funny will lead to losing an election, according to this epic Post story. We wonder how much effort that's really taking.

While Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them was pretty funny before the president actually got re-elected (in much the same way herpes jokes were funny before, well, you know), Franken hasn't really been in the laugh-making game for quite some time, um, unless the whole Air America thing is some meta-joke that has yet to play out. Here's to hoping.

Funny or not though, Franken has yet to break 25% favorability in Minnesota despite the cash pipeline to his campaign from New York and LA ($10 million so far) and statewide polls still have him losing to incumbent Norm Coleman in a head-to-head, blah blah blah. So Franken's gone aquare, watching what he says so he doesn't go the way of the Macaca. But where oh where is the fun in that? Thus, we say dance, funny man, dance. We're not paying you for nothing.

No Running Jokes Here [WP]

--Greg "I'm a Real Boy!" Wasserstrom


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