Al Gore Could Win Nobel Peace Prize, Presidency Thing

draftgore1.jpgHigh-temperature hater Al Gore is considered a favorite for the Nobel Peace Prize, the winner of which will be announced from Oslo tomorrow. A win for the former vice president will definitively prove that "cold climate = world peace" is now a scientific truth. And never ye doubt, Gore's hobo entourage on the internets thinks this could get him into the presidential race.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee is keeping the winner a secret, but speculation arose in February when a Norwegian lawmaker disclosed his nomination for Gore. The romantics at have been drooling over the implications of a win, and by drooling we mean spending gross sums of cash: The site shelled out $64,575 for a full-page ad in yesterday's New York Times. This "Open Letter to Al Gore" is really cute and sweet and pathetic, which is unsurprising for a group whose site describes Gore as "eloquent, passionate, relentless, undaunted."

Gore's PR people suggest that the outpouring of puppy love is at least six handjobs short of getting him to run.



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