Al Gore: 'Embarrassing' 'Shallow' GOP Candidate Probably Rhymes With 'Smick Smantorum' (AUDIO!)

Al Gore: 'Embarrassing' 'Shallow' GOP Candidate Probably Rhymes With 'Smick Smantorum' (AUDIO!)

Aging dirty hippie Al Gore called into the new Bill Press show "Full Court Press" (get it?) on Current TV to point and laugh at all the stupid GOP candidates, and to say their debates are astonishingly shallow, and to aver that surely even the majority of Republicans are embarrassed by these Little Torquemadas who have managed to time travel from the 1800s before Nazis invented the PIll. (Pssst, Rick Santorum, we are pretty sure he is talking about you.) Why must Al Gore be such a pathological liar? Perhaps Rick Santorum would like tocall bullshit on that!

Your Editrix may have accidentally voted for Nader (twice), and so feels she owes one or seven to Ol' Al over there, and in fact began to really like him once he got all fat and sassy and grew that excellent Levon Helm beard. So anytime he wants to go on Bill Press or elsewhere and shit all over the GOP, she will happily link it here. That's a promise to you, Al. A promise fer keepin'.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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