Al Jazeera In America: Channel 375 On DirecTV, 9410 On Dish, 275 On Comcast DC


Link TV is running the English-language Al Jazeera feed on DirecTV 375 and Dish 9419. Comcast DC is one of the very few cable systems in America that carries the actual channel, Al Jazeera English. This has been a public service announcement from your Wonkette courtesy of commenters ttommyunger and bureaucrap.

UPDATE: Wonkette operative "Cody" writes in with this: "I don't know if Comcast carries it but you can get Al Jazeera English over the air in DC for free. It's channel 30.5. We've had it for awhile now."

Over the air? Channel 30.5? Is that like Platform 9 3/4? Anyway, hooray! Some actual news on teevee.


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