Alabama Comedy Hopes Hanging By A Thread

  • Does the nomination of simple conservative Alabama businessman Tim James for Governor make sense to you (and by "you" we obviously mean "Alabama Republicans")? Does it? DOES IT TO YOU? Scientists can't tell, yet! Some loser named "Bradley Byrne" is in first place, while James and some other dork named "Robert Bentley" are very very close together in second and third. Whoever gets second place goes to a runoff in mid-July. If we get six more weeks of Tim James YouTube hilarity, we promise to believe in you, Space Jesus. Sadly for laff-happy fun-times, gun-toting maniac Dale Peterson will not make it to the primary runoff for ag commissioner. Also, fun Tim James fact: even though he's a businessman, not a politician, and doesn't understand your politician ways, and has said this on YouTube a million times, his dad was a politician, and was actually governor of Alabama, and had the baffling name "Fob." [Montgomery Advertiser, Ibid.]
  • In other Alabama news, in the Democratic gubernatorial primary, Artur "Arthur" Davis, the black guy who tried to run an "Obama-style" campaign where he didn't make nice with civil rights groups, got unexpectedly obliterated by the white guy who did. Alabamians either love civil rights group, or love white people, one of the two. [NYT]
  • Oh, and Young Boozer! How could we forget Young Boozer! He too has made it to the runoff, for whatever the hell it is he's running for, in Alabama. [TPM]
  • In the New Mexico GOP gubernatorial primary, the Karl Rove-endorsed dude who hates shamnesty lost to the Sarah Palin-endorsed Latina who loves Arizona's papers-please law. [538]
  • Remember less than a year ago, when Yukio Hatoyama became Japanese Prime Minister after breaking the iron grip of the long-ruling Liberal Democratic Party? Well everybody hates him now and he's quitting in disgust, because Barack Obama wouldn't shut down the U.S. base on Okinawa no matter how many times the Japanese asked him politely. [Reuters]

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