Alabama Goes And Decides To Force Victims To Carry Their Rapist's Babies After All

Alabama Goes And Decides To Force Victims To Carry Their Rapist's Babies After All

Remember yesterday, when we ran an article, an article that I wrote about how maybe some of Alabama's Republican male legislators were having second thoughts about forcing rape victims to carry their rapist's babies, and thought that maybe there ought to be some exceptions in their new law outlawing abortion?

HAHA, just kidding. While four white male Republican legislators, Del Marsh, Cam Ward, Andrew Jones, and Jim McClendon, voted for the amendment allowing exceptions, they were outnumbered by all the other white male Republicans who opposed the exceptions. Then, when it came time to pass the bill as is, all four joined their fellow white male Republicans in voting to pass it. No Democrats—and, perhaps more notably, no women—voted in favor of the bill. Two of the 27 Republicans in the senate abstained from voting.

So HB 314 passed 25-6. The bill, unlike the bills being passed in other states, outlaws all abortions, not just those after six weeks. The only exception is if it's a situation where the mother will definitely die from having the baby. While those who seek abortion will not be charged with a crime, a doctor performing an abortion could get up to 99 years in prison—more years than a rapist would get in most situations.

State Sen. Clyde Chambliss, one of the major proponents of this bill, was eager to demonstrate the depth of his knowledge of the female reproductive system during the hearing, explaining that abortion will still be legal for those who do not yet know they are pregnant.

Via The Daily Beast:

"I'm not trained medically so I don't know the proper medical terminology and timelines," Chambliss said. "But from what I've read, what I've been told, there's some period of time before you can know a woman is pregnant."

The senator then used that claim to argue that under the bill, a woman could end her pregnancy as long as she did not know she was pregnant. The claim, which Chambliss repeated several times during the debate, left many viewers feeling confused.

Sen. Chambliss, who does not appear to have passed high school biology, said that he believed this "period of time" was for about 7-10 days after conception.

For the record, that is not at all how anything works. Though in his defense, he also said he was not "smart enough" to be pregnant, adding "so I appreciate the wisdom of our heavenly father."

Sen. Chambliss also explained that he hoped his bill would teach underage rape victims an important lesson about personal responsibility.

Via CNN:

When Democratic state Sen. Rodger Smitherman asked what would happen under the bill to a young girl who was a victim of incest and found out she was pregnant, Chambliss said that he hoped that the bill would result in young women learning to seek physical and mental help quickly if they are abused.

"What I hope is, if we pass this bill, that all young ladies would be educated by their parents, their guardians that should a situation like this occur, you need to go get help -- you need to do it immediately," Chambliss said.

"Then also they can get justice in the situation," he added. "If they wait, justice delayed is justice denied."

Yes, because the real problem here is lazy rape victims. Particularly those who are being raped by fathers who never even bother to tell them that they should go get help.

Sen. Chambliss also appeared to be very confused about IVF, stating that a fertilized egg only counts as a human being if it's inside a woman.

It is really just a very exciting time for rapists in Alabama. If rape is a crime of power, getting to know their victims will also be forced to bear their children and carry their line on is pretty much a twofer. Not only that, but right now the Alabama House is considering a bill that will send rape victims to prison for 10 years for "falsely reporting a rape" and force them to pay their rapist's legal bills if they press charges against their assailant and he isn't convicted. Who the hell in her right mind is going to report a rape if that one goes through, eh? That's not just any prison they'll get sent to, that's an Alabama prison they'll get sent to. And that means that if they happen to be pregnant with their rapist's baby that they are now forced to give birth to, they could be shackled while in labor—a practice that is notoriously dangerous.

And, on the off-chance that these rapists do get sent to prison, they're in luck there as well. As we told you in April, Alabama's prison rape problem is so bad that the DOJ has determined that it actually violates the Eighth Amendment and counts as "cruel and unusual punishment."

None of this is particularly surprising coming from a group of people who tried to elect Roy Moore to the Senate.

Republican Governor Kay Ivey has not said whether or she intends to sign the bill or not, but she probably will. Though some have called for a boycott against Alabama if she does, if both of these bills actually go through, the state will probably make up for it in tourism dollars from rapists across the country hoping to take advantage of the new laws.

Also, if they pass, we should really start looking into raising funds to get anyone who can get pregnant and all children the hell out of the state of Alabama before they go full Gilead.


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